By Way of Introduction

Good Hope is small northeastern Ohio congregation that is big on family. Like any rural crossroads community, we know each other pretty well, but what we really love is getting to know others.

Our ministry is done by dedicated individuals, not committees. We plan when it is required, but more often we just step up and help each other.

We are Lutherans. This means we understand ourselves as forgiven sinners. Jesus Christ came to fix a universe of ills and to love us forever. Because of this we neither accept our sinful natures nor are we afraid of them. Living out the will of God is challenging and perfection is reserved for God alone. We do our best to honor God. We rely on the forgiveness of His Son and the Holy Spirit to make what we do acceptable in God’s kingdom.

We like liturgical worship. If you don’t understand what that means, that’s okay. We all had to learn as we went along. We would rather worship with you then to worship “correctly.” After all, what’s a little bobble between friends?

Thanks for visiting our website. It’s coming along a bit at a time. There are still a few photos we have to sort through. After that we’ll put up some additional content. Don’t get us wrong. The clock theme is nice and all, but we will certainly do some redecorating.

For now you can find us on Facebook (the most recent stuff gets posted there) or visit on Sunday morning.

Worship is at 9:00 a.m.
3359 New Zoarville Rd NE
Zoarville, OH 44656

The church is located a bit off the northeast side of the intersection of Highways 800 and 212. Be sure not confuse us with the somewhat more well-known historic village of Zoar. We are further south on 212.

Here’s the Google Maps link:


The office number is (330) 859-2480.
Please leave a message for Pastor Rossow.